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Three Village Cheese Co. 

Semi-Soft Cheese



Havarti is a popular cheese in Denmark where it first originated. It's a creamy, semi-soft cheese with a lacy appearance. It has a rich buttery flavor with a subtle tang. Great on sandwiches or with a fruity red wine.

Italian Herb Havarti

Italian Herb Havarti is made with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic and oregano freshly mixed into the cheese curd. It has a bold flavor and goes well with pasta or chicken.

Dill Havarti

Dill is a popular herb used in all kinds of Scandinavian cooking. We add dill to our Havarti, giving it a subtle flavor that is great melted on sandwiches.

Jalapeno Havarti

We add fresh cut Jalapeno chili peppers into each wheel of this flavored Havarti. It is spicy but also has a great flavor- we want you to taste the cheese, not burn your mouth. A nice cheese to add heat to your macaroni & cheese.

Habanero Havarti

Made with fresh Habanero peppers, this cheese isn't super spicy but has a fruity, almost pineapple-like flavor from the fresh chilis.


Feta is white crumbly cheese originally from Greece. It is pungent and salty and makes a great salad topper. Feta pairs well with tomatoes, olives, crusty bread, and most fish.

We make ours with pasteurized cow's milk.

Hard Cheese

Swedish Farmer's Cheese

Swedish Farmer's Cheese is a nutty-sweet cheese with a texture and a flavor that fall somewhere between gouda and aged cheddar.

We ripen our wheels for at least 6 months until they have the right sharpness and flavor. ​Try it with salami or grated onto a baked dish like scalloped potatoes.


Nokkelost is a traditional Norwegian cheese enjoyed around the holidays.

It is flavored with cumin, caraway and cloves. These spices give the cheese an aromatic flavor that is unlike any other cheese you can find.One of our most unique and interesting cheeses, Nokkelost pairs well with apples, pears and beer.


Tomme is French style of cheese with a brushed natural rind. It is our sharpest cow's milk cheese, best enjoyed between 8 and 10 months of age. The rind gives it an earthy flavor reminiscent of mushrooms and the rustic style of this cheese lets the quality of our milk shine through. Pair Tomme with a full-bodied red wine and a crusty loaf of bread.

Old Main

Old Main is a version of our Tomme, washed with Saranac Chocolate Orange Porter. Fruit and beer flavors abound in this cheese.


Newporter is a version of our Swedish Farmer's Cheese washed with Saranac Chocolate Orange Porter.

The beer wash develops a beautiful cocoa brown rind. Beery and yeasty, sharp and nutty, this cheese is a great pairing of local beer and local milk.


Cascadita is our first foray into aged goat cheese. It is based upon the Spanish cheese, Garrotxa. Cascadita has a powdery gray rind; young Cascadita has a supple texture with an ivory interior and a mild flavor.

After 5 months it has a firm texture and a sharp strong flavor similar to Romano. It is delicious grated or shaved thinly over pasta.